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Homeowners turn to pressure washing frequently when they need an exterior or roof cleaned. It seems like a great choice, given that you’re looking for a n extensive, thorough cleaning. But what they tend to forget, or never realize, is that pressure washing can cause damage to your property. Which is why we’ve moved away from that method. Our Port Murray non-pressure roof cleaning and exterior cleaning specialists use a soft-wash method that gets rid of the potentially damaging pressure. Instead, we’ll use soft chemicals that clean just as well, and sometimes even better.


Our soft-wash method will remove remove any mold, mildew, or other unhealthy or unsightly exterior build-ups. We’ve been serving the Port Murray area since 2007. We’ve used this method on the roofs, windows, fences, driveways, and other exterior features of both residential and commercial buildings. Our Port Murray non-pressure roof cleaning specialists are all professionally trained, licensed contractors. So we can guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with our work.


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Port Murray Exterior Soft-Washing

When you hire our Independence non-pressure roof cleaning specialists, we’ll arrive at your home and immediately evaluate the exterior. We’ll like for the types of build-up and stains that are on your walls, and also at the materials your home is built with. Then we’ll determine a proper a chemical solution that’s guaranteed to get the job done and not to cause any damage. All of our solutions are mixed on site, so you can trust that it will be customized specifically for your building and its needs. This attention to detail eliminates the risk of damage and maximizes the effectiveness of the treatments.


Soft-washing your exterior is the best, safest, and most cost-effective way to give your home’s appearance a boost. It will remove all stains, including mold, mildew, algae, and dirt and grime. And probably some stains you’d never even noticed were there! And it’s not just good for your home’s appearance. Build-up of things like this can cause your home’s exterior to begin to rot if they’re not taken care of. We’ll make sure they aren’t left hanging around, and we’ll be certain no damage is done to your home.


Port Murray Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning

Your shingles are a vulnerable parts of your home. And they’re constantly put through quite a lot. So when you’re having your roof cleaned, the last thing you need is for them to be damaged. Our Port Murray non-pressure roof cleaning specialists can be sure that your roof is as clean as possible. And unlike pressure washing, we can be certain that your roof won’t be damaged at all in the process of cleaning.


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