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3 Key Reasons To Keep Up With Power Washing Your Pennsylvania Businesses

November 15, 2016 at 3:54 pm | Category: Exterior Pressure Washing

Pennsylvania Commercial Power WashingIf you own a business, there’s no getting around regular power washing. Depending on the foot traffic and weather, you may need it more often than others from a professional Pennsylvania pressure washing company.

If you aren’t having it done at least yearly, you should seriously consider it. Here are three key reasons why Commercial Power Washing benefits your Pennsylvania business.

Make Your Siding & Roof Last Longer

Stains from algae and mildew or mold don’t just make the exterior of your business look bad. They also damage the surface they grow on. Organisms have a way of eating into the surface they are growing on, including asphalt shingles.

In fact, this is food for algae. Algae feeds on limestone. Asphalt shingles are made of limestone, so it uses your shingles as a food source. As the algae reproduce, it can cause huge black stains on the roof. The stains are actually the byproduct that’s left after the organism feeds.

These organisms will also break down brick and wood. Before you know it, the porous surfaces become even more porous and let in moisture, adding a mildew or mold problem to the mix.

Keeping up with power washing a few times per year will keep the problem at bay. However, be sure you use a professional power washing service who knows how to properly treat these surfaces. For instance, siding and roofing product warranties can be voided if the power washing or chemicals damage it.

Remove Gum, Stains, & Grime From Sidewalks

If you’ve taken a good look at your entryway and sidewalks, you are bound to have seen these black lumps that seem to grow in number. This is gum that people have dropped which gets blackened with grime as people walk over it.

The black spots sort-of grow over time. It makes your business look really run-down and uncared for. If you have female customers, count on them to notice it.

These gum stains are hard to remove from concrete. Power washing is the only effective way to get rid of them. The stains from gum, spilled soft drinks, and other ground in substances will be gone.

Regular Power Washing Makes You Proud

When you yourself look good, you feel great. This is true about your business too. If your business looks great, you are proud to own it. Regular power washing makes you, your employees, and any investors feel great about your business.

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